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Our mission is to service passionate business leaders and organizations driven by innovation, community, education, and social justice. Intention is important when it comes to our placements – we carefully vet the individuals that we recommend to our clients. Facilitating the right fit between candidate and workplace has an exponential potential for all.


  Our goal is simple: we are dedicated to matching business leaders with purpose-driven companies. Coupled with over 45 years of collective executive search experience and unprecedented connections to some of the top non-profits, startups and HR leaders, our team is well-versed in helping executives find work that aligns with their convictions.  IHP provides executive search, recruitment, business development, HR analysis, and nonprofit consulting services.

Placing a passionate candidate in an empowering position at a company that aligns with their values creates an inimitable spark. We are honored and humbled to be the ones to ignite it.
— Don Stansbury, Managing Partner/Co-Founder

Not your ordinary search firm.

 Learn about our mission, process, and experience in executive search that we use to bridge the talent gap.